• Guests within walking distance will find directions to the hotel by tapping the icon with smartphones or tablets.

To ensure a pleasant stay, we ask for your kind understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Our Commitment

・ Frequent contact areas in guest rooms such as doorknobs, switches and faucet parts are sterilized by using hypochlorous solution and room air ventilation is done at the time of room cleaning.

・ If you wish to additionally sterilize areas within your room, please ask our staff who can provide you with a hypochlorous solution spray bottle.

・ 24-hour minimum vacancy between guests

・ We take measures to sterilize and ventilate public areas such as the lobby and corridors.

・When on duty, our staff wear face masks and take protective measures such as washing hands thoroughly and gargling. Well-being checks of all employees, including physical temperature are also carried out.

To Our Guests

・ Please wear a face mask in the public areas.

・As part of our social distance measures, please keep distance between guests at the front area and elevator hall.

・ It is advised to use the elevator for 1 party at a time. Please wait for the next arrival.

・ Please refrain from speaking in loud voices in the lobby and hallways.

・Please inform the front staff in case you or your family have stayed in overseas countries within the past 2 weeks, you have been in close contact with a coronavirus patient, or you have come down with symptoms such as fever / respiratory issues.

・Please fill out the correct contact information (your phone number) in the registration card.


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