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  • Golden Gai, ShinjukuGolden Gai, Shinjuku

    Have you ever heard the name "Golden Gai, Shinjuku"? Then what type of image do you have? This city tends to be regarded as dubious because it's located on near "Kabuckicho", which is so-called "A city that never sleeps". However, this city is popular as the sightseeing at night , recently, many foreign visitor have increase.
    Each store has the personality and you're soaked in the feeling as if you had been transported through the old Japan♪
    Why don't you feel the atmosphere which is different from Ueno/Shinbashi? "http://goldengai.jp/
  • Ghibli Museum, MitakaGhibli Museum, Mitaka

    Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is a museum which is fill with the Ghibli's color. There are a animation which can be only seen and many goods you can only purchase♪ As you can definitely feel the worldview, regardless of children/adults, why don't you go this museum if you like Ghibli? "http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/
  • TakeyaTakeya

    Takeya is the biggest discount store whose color purple is characteristic in Tokyo. You can purchase food, clothes, furniture, home appliances etc♪
    When you come to Ueno, why don't you drop by at Takeya?
    Maybe you'll find the bonanza(*^_^*)
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Kawasaki City Fujiko.F.Fujio MuseumKawasaki City Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum

    You can experience the world of Mr.Fujiko .F.Fujio, who was a known cartoonist of "Doraemon", "Kiteretsu", and so on by watching many exhibits whose motives are his works /characters.
    Then it's no doubt that you can enjoy with your friends /family because you can eat a lot of food whose motives are his works /characters and there is the place where people can read his cartoons♪
    (※You need to purchase the tickets in advance!)
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Toyosu MarketToyosu Market

    In Toyosu Market, which opened in stead of Tsukiji Market that had flourished as "Japanese kitchen" for long time and come to an end for 83 year's history, you can enjoy free if charge/without making a reservation(※If you would like to watch the tuna's auction(5:45.AM-6:15.AM; shift system, you need to apply to it in advance and be chosen to watch it).
    Of course, there are so many restraints and shopping street in Toyosu Market, so why don't you enjoy the characteristic gourmet of the market and shopping?
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Yanaka Ginza Shopping StreetYanaka Ginza Shopping Street

    Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street is a retro shopping center where you feel as nostalgic .
    Have you ever heard "Yuyake Dandan", derived from being able to see the beautiful sunset if you see Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street? Then here is also famous for the cat's street.
    If you're lucky, you may run into many cats♪ Of course, there're gourmet stores like "a fried cake of minched meat", "a croquette", " a donut ", it's stylish to wander, eating the food you like ★
    Why don't you go to Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street where you can taste as if you had been transported through time to the past? "http://www.yanakaginza.com/
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • The stature of Saigoh TakamoriThe stature of Saigoh Takamori

    The stature of Saigoh Takamori was made by Takamura Kohun, who was the famous engraver and established in Ueno Park in 1898. The appearance of him with Japanese sandals, casual clothes and the pet dog is one of the symbols of Ueno★ The episode that Ito, who was the wife of Saigoh said "This isn't my husbund." when she had seen the stature is so famous, isn't it? Why don't you see the stature of Saigoh, who is the leading part of this year's long running historical drama series when you come to Ueno...? ※ Saigoh Takamori(1828-77) He was one of three great nobles of the Meiji Restoration and he succeeded of Sacchoh Alliance's cerclage and the surrender of a castle without shedding blood. Later, after going away the Meiji Government, Saugoh fought against the Government Troops in Seinan War in 1877 and he finally killed himself. Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Robot RestaurantRobot Restaurant

    Robot Restaurant, which is located on Kabukicho, Shinjyuku Ward is the place where you can enjoy the substantial show, including many elements like a song/ dance although it takes around 90 minutes★ (To be surprise, most of the guests are foreign people!) It's possible for you to take pictures/ movies, why don't you do that as a menory if you visit here? "http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/?lng=en" Here is the route from the hotel.
  • National Museum of Nature and ScienceNational Museum of Nature and Science

    National Museum of Nature and Science is the biggest national and general museum in Japan. It is consisted of 2 buildings, one is Global Hall whose theme is "The human and the global life's history", the other is Japanese Hall whose theme is "The nature of Japanese Islands and us". Then it mainly exhibits good and abundant specimen and documents, let's go to this museum with your kids! http://www.kahaku.go.jp/ If you would like to go to National Museum of Nature and Science, please ask the staff.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Kagetsudo

    Discovered a long queue located a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station. This is your introduction to [Kagetsudo], the store that sells a jumbo melon bun that is extremely popular amongst foreign tourists. A very old store with a long history, established in 1945. It sells over 2000 buns a day over the weekends. The queues can be 30 minutes long even on the weekdays! It sure makes one tempted to visit here. We did try it – the inside of the bun is fluffy and soft and outside is crunchy – what a wonderful Melon bun! On a pleasant day, it will be fun to walk from hotel exploring through the Kappabashi street for Melon buns in Asakusa!
  • Kappanashi Tool Town Kappanashi Tool Town

    Kappabashi Too Town is the wholesale area where everything of cooking such as dishes, food samples, cooking tools and so on completes★
    (It's famous as for putting a big object of the cock♪)
    Of course, the tools and samples sounds good for the souveniir★ It's worthy enjoying even if you only walk/watch, we recommend you that you go here when you go to Asakura(*^_^*) http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/
  • Tokyo Skytree

    The world's highest free-standing broadcasting tower. It has become crowded by many tourists since its completion in 2012. The scenery of the tall Tokyo Skytree or strolling around Shitamachi. It gives you the feeling of modern Tokyo and is a must visit. Proceed to "Inarimachi Station" on foot from the hotel. From "Inarimachi Station", taking the Ginza line bound for "Asakusa Station" and within 3 minutes, you will arrive at "Asakusa Station". From "Asakusa Station", get on Tobu Skytree line and within 2 minutes, you will arrive at "Tokyo Skytree Station". It takes about 2 minutes to get to Tokyo Skytree from here.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Asakusa

    The famous temple known in Japan as the oldest temple in the Tokyo. After visiting the temple, why not taste the various cuisines while strolling along the streets where gives a strong sense of the Shitamachi district. From the hotel, proceed 10 minutes on foot to the "Inarimachi Station". From Inarimachi, get on the Ginza line bound for "Asakusa Station" and within 3 minutes, you will arrive at "Asakusa Station". From "Asakusa Station", within 7 minutes, you will arrive at Sensoji temple.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Tsukiji market

    Japan's biggest market is very lively. You can expect seafood, dry products, the eateries lined up, and fresh gourmet seafood. From Ueno Station, take Hibiya line bound for Nakameguro Station and within approximately 13minutes, you will arrive at Tsukiji Station. And from there within 2 minutes you will arrive at Tsukiji market on foot.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Akihabara

    Akihabara, the city gaining popularity as a city of Japanese subculture and the electronics that is unmatched in the world. You can spend a full day of entertainment here. From the hotel, proceed to "Iriya Station" on foot for 9 minutes. From "Iriya Station" take Hibiya line bound for Nakameguro, and in about 5 minutes, you will arrive at "Akihabara Station".
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Tokyo Disneyland

    Isn't the catch phrase of "Welcome to the Kingdom of dreams and magic" famous? It is popular among the tourists too for its various events organized according to seasons. You can go there in about 30 minutes from Ueno Hotel. ”http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/tdl/” From JR "Ueno Station" to "Tokyo Station", it takes about 10 minutes. At "Tokyo Station", change to Keiyou line and in about 16minutes, you will arrive at "Maihama Station". Once you get off the train, there are instructions for Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney land. ※Please be aware that within "Tokyo Station", the transit time until Keiyou line takes about 10 minutes.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Sanrio Puroland

    The indoor type theme park is located in Tama city of the Tokyo metropolitan area. You can meet various popular characters starting from Hello Kitty! You cannot go wrong enjoying here as you do not need to worry on the weather as this is indoor type. "https://www.puroland.jp/" It takes about 26 minutes from JR "Ueno Station" to "Shinjuku Station" by Yamanote line. Change to Keio line special rapid train for "Chofu Station" that takes about 1 minute. After that change to Keio Sagamihara line at "Chofu Station" and get off at "Keio Tama Center Mae Station". From "Keio Tama Center Mae station", it takes about 5 minutes on foot.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Ameyoko

    Ameyoko Cho indicates the shopping street that is along the west side of an overhead bridge and beneath the overhead bridge of the Yamanote line between Okachimachi and Ueno Station. Although the formal name is Ameyoko shopping street association, it is quite intimately referred to as Ameyoko cho, Ameyoko, Ueno Ameyoko and so on. "http://www.ameyoko.net/ If you exit from the hotel and take a right proceeding for 3 minutes, Marui "OIOI" can be seen. Just in front of Marui, there is a big pedestrian crossing. After crossing this if you walk alongside the train track, the shopping street can be seen.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Ginza

    This is among the world's greatest commercial streets and has been loved as one of the Shitamachi districts. It is also famous as the luxury shopping street and can be visited regardless of domestic or overseas origin. The name "Ginza" already is a type of brand and quite a few shopping streets named "--Ginza" can be seen in several parts of the country. After exiting from the hotel, proceeding to the right side, aim for "Ueno Station" of on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line. From this "Ueno Station" to "Ginza Metro Station", it takes about 10 minutes.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Ueno Royal Museum

    As the oldest art group of Japan, the Ueno Royal Museum was opened in 1972 after the renovation of the facility. Many works from overseas are also exhibited and it is a popular art gallery among the Japanese but also among the foreigners. It is conveniently located near Ueno Hotel and can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot. After exiting the hotel proceed along the right hand side heading for the JR "Ueno Station" Shinobazu exit. After passing by "Shinobazu Station", Sakura Terrace can be seen just in front of your eyes and cross the pedestrian crossing. If you bear towards left-hand side, there is "Keisei Ueno Station". After passing the "Keisei Ueno Station", Ueno Koen entrance can be seen, please proceed from this entrance.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Odaiba / Tokyo Big Sight

    The biggest international exhibition center of Japan. There are a lot of touristy spots along with big hotels, television broadcasting stations and shipping malls around the area. Besides businessmen, a lot of tourists do visit this place. A recommended place for Family or couples! From Ueno Station to Shimbashi Station, it takes about 10 minutes by JR Yamanote line. After changing onto Yurikamome line at Shimabshi Station, you will arrive at Kokusaitenjijomae.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Ueno Zoological Gardens

    The oldest zoo of Japan which it is so famous that the name "Ueno" is often affiliated with "Zoo". The premise has been divided in West and East gardens where they are linked with the Japan's first monorail. This zoo has about 500 types of animals and records the highest number of people visiting any Zoo in Japan. For the directions to Ueno Zoological Gardens, please enquire on the staffs at the Front desk of the hotel.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Tokyo Dome

    The Tokyo Dome is the Headquarters of professional baseball team "Yomiuri Giants" and in the vicinity is also a leisure zone with supermarkets, theme parks or hotels etc and importantly. Besides the baseball's games, it is also used for exhibitions and concerts. From Ueno Station, it takes about 5 minutes to "Akihabara Station" by JR Yamanote line. Changing onto JR Sobu line at "Akhihabara Station", within 5 minutes you will arrive at "Suidobashi Station".
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Imperial Palace

    The Palace of the Japanese Emperor. The moat encircling the Palace has been used in a lot of ways besides just as a tourist site. The encircling pathway is often also used as a jogging course. On the New Years day, the palace is opened to general public. The area is approximately 25 Tokyo domes in size! "http://www.kunaicho.go.jp/about/shisetsu/kokyo/kokyo.html"/ From "Ueno Station" to "Tokyo Station", it takes approximately 10 minutes by JR Yamanote line. It can be reached in about 20 minutes from the "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi central exit.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • Tokyo National Museum

    The Japan's oldest museum that comprises of 5 exhibition buildings, archives and other facilities. It displays the total of 7,500 national treasures and important cultural properties out of a total of 115,000. It is located within Ueno Koen and a facility that is must see when visiting Ueno. "http://www.tnm.jp/" Please enquire with our Front desk for the direction to Tokyo National Museum.
    Here is the route from the hotel.
  • The National Western Museum THE NATIONAL WESTERN MUSEUM

    The National Art Museum , based on Mr.Matsukata's collection is established in 1954 and exhibits the arts /sculptures of Nineteens - the first half of the Twenties Century. In 2016, the museum was registered as the World Cultural Heritage"whose name is ”The architectural Art of Le Corbusier-the remarkable contribution for the modern Architect Movement-. Taking place some exhibitions, why don't you enjoying the western arts here? http://www.nmwa.go.jp/jp/index.html If you would like to go to "The National Art Museum", please ask at the front desk.
    Here is the route from the hotel.


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