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Privacy Policy

Ueno Hotel Operations Co. Ltd

1.Fundamental Principles

We are aware that the personal information provided on this website identifies a particular person and it is handle with the utmost care.

We understand that the protection of personal information is our corporate liability and being trust by guests is vitally important in pursuing our corporate objectives.

The information given by guests on this site for reservations and any information required by this site or the personal information sent by the request of the hotel are strictly managed for the business matters by this site and the hotel.

2.While requesting the personal information.

On this website, the personal information of the guest is requested on the following cases:

  • ● For the procedures of Hotel for the reservations made on this website for the Hotel.
  • ● For the registration of guest membership on the website.
  • ● When requested for the information or other documentation on the services offered by participating hotels or this website.
  • ● When responding to the survey
  • ● Others (If the personal information is required in the cases other than the above mentioned, we clearly outline the purpose, content and the handling of the personal information)

3.Collecting the personal information, purpose of use, management and disclosure

  • ● When collecting the personal information of the guests on this website, the purpose is specified and the point of contact is clearly outlined and this information is made to be the minimum requirement.
  • ● The personal information supplied on this website by the guests will be used limited to the following cases and cannot be used for the purpose other than that.
    1. To offer the service to the guest within this website.
    2. To provide the information via email to the registered guests.
    3. In a case when the Hotel needs to be in contact with the guest for some reasons.
    4. When analyzing for the improvement of the products, service offered or of this website. (In this case, the analysis is done statistically and definitely not used for the analysis of specific personal information.
    5. When agreed by the guests.
  • ● The personal information provided by the guests on this site is managed appropriately and definitely not provided or disclosed to any third party other than the cases outlined below:
    1. The maintenance management of the system to an outsourced party upon the confidentiality agreement in place.
    2. When agreed by the guests.
    3. When required by laws and ordinances.
  • ● When the guests agree on the conditions above on the website, the personal information is disclosed to our outsourced party only after executing and managing a confidential agreement on the contract and ensuring they do not leak our guests’ personal information or disclose to any other parties.
  • ● In the case where this website or the participating hotels come in contact with the guests either by postal system or through email or telephone thought to provide the beneficial service to the guests, with the different procedure in place on this website, this can either be terminated or resumed depending on the guests’ request.
  • ● For any enquiry made by the guests to the contact point of this website in relation to the personal information registered by the guests or for any amendment requests, it will be handled logically and smoothly.

4.Counter measures for fraud access, stolen, disrupted or leakage of personal information.

For the prevention of improper access, theft, disruption and leakage of the personal information on this website, several countermeasures have been taken such as the management of the access authority, password management, back up management, security measures, firewall architect, document control and so on.

5.Laws, ordinances and the compliance of other criteria

For this website to be executed in order to handle the personal information, it adopts the laws in relation to the personal information while adhering to the compliance along with conforming the internal regulations of Ueno Hotel Operations Co. Ltd which is its operating body.

6.Continuous improvement

This site adheres to this personal information protection policy and reviews appropriately on the above outlined policy to endeavor to continuous improvement.


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