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Accommodations/Building facilities

  • Could you print my document?
    Yes, it's possible to print your file and if you need, please send us the document via the e-mail.
    ※It costs money.
  • Can all persons who are minor stay at your hotel?
    It's non-problem for all person who are minor to check in.
    Then there aren't any required documents.
  • May we store the valuables?
    We would like you to make use of the safety box to store the valuables such as your passports/ money and so on by yourself.
  • We would like to inquire breakfast.
    Our hotel's breakfast is one plate and juice, salad, soup, dessert and rice balls/some sandwiches are different every day (Boiled egg, milk, coffee, orange and rice porridge are served every day) and apart from boiled egg, salad, dessert and orange, it's possible to take as you like.
    Then it starts from 7:00 to 9:30 at the lobby(the first floor).
    Then please refrain from eating the plate in the room/pouring juice or milk due to the sanitation.
    Moreover, we appreciate for your understanding that there are no special menus which are for a vegetarian/halal.

    ※It costs ¥800 per person/ day and you can purchase any time.
  • Could you make a wake up call?
    It's possible to do that. So we would like you to tell us your room number, name and the desired time.
  • May we drink beverage placed in the lobby?
    It's available to drink many kinds of tea, hot/cold water, coffee in the lobby anytime.
    However, juice and milk served during the breakfast time is only for all of the guests who have meal coupons.
  • We would like to inquire the available time to use the lobby.
    It's possible for you to use the lobby anytime.
    However, we appreciate for your understanding the following points.

    ・After 23:00, we would like you to use quietly.
    ・During 7:00-9:30, the lobby is the place where all of the guests who have the meal coupons only use.
  • Can I send the luggage from this hotel?
    It's possible to send your luggage from here by advanced payment or cash on delivery of Yamato Transportation (They are only available in Japan).
    Then there are carton boxes(for a fee) and gummed tapes(free), please ask the staff.
  • Can people who don’t stay here come to the room?
    We do regret to inform you that people who don't stay at our hotel ,excluding the current guests aren't allowed to go to the room.
    Thus if you would like to meet the guest, please make use of the lobby.
  • Can we share breakfast with my kid?
    It's possible to share breakfast with all children whose age is under 5, however, regarding all children whose age is over 6, you need to purchase the breakfast ticket which costs ¥800 per one.
    ※In the case that all children whose age is under 5 would like to eat the whole plate, you need to purchase the tickets for them too.
    That's why we appreciate for your understanding that we'll check your kids passports.
  • Can we receive household medicine?
    We do regret to inform you that we can't hand over household medicine to you due to "the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act".
    However, we can tell you some drug stores around here.
    ※There are some sticking plasters and a clinical thermometer, so please ask the staff to use when you need.
  • Could you call taxi for us?
    It’s possible to call taxi for you at the front desk.
    However, you need to pay extra charge ¥410 and at the case of a reservation, you need to pay ¥820 too(We'll keep the money at the front desk once).
    Then we appreciate for your understanding that it may be hard to catch taxi due to the bad weather.
    If you would like to inquire more, please ask the staff.
  • Can I make an outside call in the room?
    Sorry, you can only call to another room or the front desk.
    So if would like to call to the outer person, please make use of the public phone near the main entrance.
  • Can I put the additional bed?
    It's possible if you only make a reservation of our hotel for a normal twin room(At that time, you need to pay for ¥4,000 per night as extra charge).
    Then if you make a reservation of our hotel for a double room/a small twin room, we can't offer it t you. We appreciate for your understanding this.
  • Is there any service of transportation bound for the airport ?
    We do regret to inform you that there is no available service for transportation bound for the airport.
    Thus we recommend you that you come here by train/taxi and so on.
    ※If you would like to inquire more, please check "Access", in our hotel'a homepage and refer to it.
  • Are there any available supplies for baby?
    We regret to inform you that there are no available supplies (baby beds, baby bathes) in our hotel.
  • What is the check in and check out time
    Check in: 15:00
    Check out: 11:00
  • Can I stay with children?
    Infants and toddlers(Under 5 years old) can share the bed with parents free of charge. There is no provision of baby cots or extra beds.
  • Can I smoke in the rooms?
    All the rooms in the hotel are no-smoking. Please ask the staff about smoking areas.
  • When does the cancellation charge start?
    Depending on the timing of the notification, cancellation fees occurs:
    One day prior to stay date: 20% of the total charge
    Same day: 80% of the total charge
    No-show: 100% of the charge
    Reservations made through the travel agents should directly enquire with their own agents.
  • Are there any rental items that can be used in the rooms?
    Electric kettle
    Desk lamp
    Mobile phone charge
    Nail cutter
    Trouser press
    Extra pillows
    Blankets etc. can be provided. Please ask the front desk. Please note these items are limited in numbers.
  • Is there Parking?
    We apologize there is no parking in the hotel. Please use the Public Ueno Parking center of affiliated parking space.
    Address: Taito Ku Ueno Koen1-50
    TEL: 03-3883-8151
    Parking rate with stay: 2000Yen /16:30 to 10:30AM the next day (No repeated entries allowed)
    For this discounted price, [discount coupon] is required.
    We apologize for the convenience but please visit once to obtain this coupon. There are coin parking spaces around the hotel that are not affiliated with us.
  • Can I use high speed internet?
    All the rooms have an access to wireless high speed LAN and cable LAN. Also, wireless LAN is accessible in the Lobby area on the first floor. A designated ID and a password is required to access wireless LAN. Please refer to the instructions provided in the room. Please confirm on the usage terms and conditions prior to accessing the internet service.
    Confirming the terms and conditions while using the internet service.≫
  • Can I send my luggage to the hotel prior to my stay?
    Yes, we can look after it. Please ensure to write the name and date of stay on the name tag of the luggage. Postal charge should be paid prior.
  • Can you look after my luggage prior to my check in?
    Yes, we do that for free of charge. Please let the staffs at the front desk know.
  • Can you look after my luggage after I check out?
    Yes, we do that for free but should be collected within the same day. If a guest is staying again on another day, we look after the luggage until the next check in.
  • Can I request on the room number and the level I want to stay in?
    We cannot guarantee on this request but we can take into consideration.
  • Is the reservation confirmation required?
    No, it is not required. If the reservation is made through the travel agent, please bring the confirmation with you.
  • Is it okay if the arrival time differs from what had been told during the time of reservation?
    The arrival time at the time of reservation can be approximate. However, if that arrival time differs by more than 2 hours or if it is after midnight, please inform us before your arrival.
  • Can I do early Check-in?
    Usually we do not have provision of early check in. However, depending on if the rooms are ready it may be possible, please see the staffs at front desk.
  • Can I do late Check-out?
    Depending on the availability of rooms, we can consider. Additional charges apply as per below:
    1000 Yen for each hour passed after check out time.
    After 3 hours, charge for one night accommodation.
  • What is the accommodation tax for Tokyo Metropolitan?
    Please refer below:
    The accommodation tax is not imposed for a guest where the nightly rate is below 10,000 yen, above 10,000 yen and below 15,000yen and above 15,000 yen.
    The tax rate of the accommodation tax for 100 Yen or 200 yen is based on 1 guest for 1 night accommodation.
    The nightly rate for the accommodation tax does not include other charges such as meals but is purely the stay charge only.
    ● The nightly rate includes (that is subject to imposition of tax)
    ・The nightly stay charge.
    ● The major rates not included in the nightly charge (is not subject to imposition of the tax)
    ・The amount equivalent to the consumption tax.
    ・The other charges other than the stay charges such as meals, video, cleaning etc.
    In Oct.2019, the accommodation tax for Tokyo Metropolitan will change as follows;
    We appreciate for understanding this.
    ¥11,000~¥16,449 ¥100
    ¥16,500~     ¥200
    ※Per person

    These Acts/regulations of accommodation tax rate of Tokyo Metropolitan was promulgated on 10 April, 1998. On 1 October, 1998 it was executed as "Tokyo Metropolitan accommodation Tax Act".
  • Is there laundry service?
    Yes, there is. ※ However, the laundry factory does not operate on Wednesdays/weekends or public holidays. On the second floor of the building there are 2 coin operated laundries. Washing machine: 300 Yen/ wash; dryer 100 Yen/ 30 minutes.
  • Can I pay with credit cards?
    Yes, you can. (UC, JCB, VISA, Masters, Amex, Diners


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