• Guests within walking distance will find directions to the hotel by tapping the icon with smartphones or tablets.

To enjoy the internet service in Ueno Hotel, a high speed Wireless LAN system has been introduced both in the rooms and throughout the builiding.
Please confirm on the important points below prior to using the service.

The service can be used throughout the building.

Important points while using

  • ●Wired and wireless LAN internet service can be used free of of charge.
  • ●A connections cannot be guaranteed to every guests. Depending on the operating systems of a device and the settings on a PC, the connections cannot be enabled. Please understand before connecting that such technical questions cannot be answered in such cases.
  • ●In order to use the Wireless LAN, a designated ID and Password is required. Please refer to the instructions in the guest room.
  • ●Please understand that there are times when the connection may be slow or disrupted due to heavy network traffic.
  • ●Please refrain from online gaming or from sending and receiving the large files as there is a risk this may lead to a network disruption for the entire building. Internet access may be temporarily suspended for the guests placing a heavy load on the system.
  • ●It is the guests’ responsibility to put the appropriate security settings in place while using our system.
  • ●The hotel is not liable for any loss or damages that may occur from using this service or in the event this service is terminated or disrupted without prior notice.


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