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Can’t hardly wait for hotness…

Hello, everyone!
The temperature difference is quite extreme, have you been fine?
In this turn, we gonna introduce some events you may be enthusiasm in Ueno to you★

First, NHK long running historical drama special exhibition” Segodon”.※①
Some goods which are relate to Saigoh Takamori, who is the leading part of this year’s NHK long running historical drama display!
Why don’t you feel what are Saigoh, which is famous for the stature and Meiji Era when he lives like?

Second, Japanese Traditional Culture Festival! ※②
It is a big feature that various Japanese culture such as “launching darts, playing Koma, local dishes and so on★
It’ll make not only Japanese people but also foreign people enthusiastic, won’t it?

Then if you have an opportunity to come to Ueno, please participate in these events because more events
take place!

Moreover,as there are some events on June, we gonna introduce soon…

※①: In the exhibition room 1-4 of the mail hall, Tokyo University of The Arts
5/26(sat)-7/16(Mon, holiday)
※②: Ueno Park


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