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Be hot with worldwide summer!

Hello, everyone!
Did you go to the events we have introduced?
Then in this turn, we gonna introduce you enjoy foreign culture★
First, Taiwan Festival 2018@ Fountain Square, Ueno Park!
You can enjoy Taiwanese food such as “魯肉飯(lǔròufàn), “小籠包(xiǎo lóng bāo) and so on/ fruits such as a mango, a lychee!
Then there are a rally of uttering lychee’s seeds and Taiwanese beer garden you may feel like as if you forgot time♪
Second, Salsa Street Festival!
Having caribian /Latin American food and cocktail like “Tequila”, “Rum”, “Mojito”, surrounded
in the hot atmosphere as if you were in the field is beyond description★
Then then how about Salsa dance and music!
Let’s blow off heat by enjoying these events as you traveled^^



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